First Wednesdays

First Wednesdays are designed to support intergenerational ministry - that is ministry to people of every and all generations by people of every and all generations. Children, Youth, Young Adults, Adults, and Grandpas and Grandmas learn from each other in a variety of ways how to serve the Lord and to share their faith.

Time 6:00-7:00pm (Gym)

September 6 - This all church picnic and potluck is a great time to invite friends to come and join you in a casual, laid back event at the church.

October 4 - A devotional and table-talk time about “filling” related to the Holy Spirit and the Fruits of the Spirit.

November 1 - Food packaging night for Parkside and the Midwest Food Bank where we divide bulk foods into individual/family size servings to be distributed throughout our community (18-25,000 meals packaged).

December 6 - Because we talk about family a great deal at Calvary, our church family gathers for a Christmas dinner with songs, stories, etc.