Gifts of the Spirit Inventory

One of the steps in building a healthy and vibrant church is for each person to prayerfully identify their spiritual gifts (gifts of the Spirit) in order to find ways to partner together as the church for ministry. As the apostle Paul says in several of his letters in the Bible, the purpose of the gifts is not solely for individual enjoyment (although individual joy in using the gifts is sometimes an outcome when serving) — the gifts are given for the benefit of the church – all it's members working together for the transformation of the world. 

At Calvary, we have a new tool to help you discover your gifts and find ways to use those gifts “for the good of the body” — the church. The first step is to take a Gifts of the Spirit Inventory. This inventory takes about 10-20 minutes to complete and is a series of questions designed to assess how you are uniquely gifted. Each of the gifts listed in Paul’s letters (with the exception of the “sign” gifts) are listed at the end of the inventory with your percentage match — the higher the percentage, the higher your match to that gift. Identifying Gifts of the Spirit is not an exact science. Your prayer and discussion with other brothers and sisters in Christ is an important part of any gift discovery process. 

If you're ready to take this first step in discovering your gifts, please set aside a few minutes and follow the link below. You can take the inventory on a smart phone, tablet, computer, or any connected device. When you’ve completed the inventory, Calvary will receive a copy of your inventory and we'll use that information to populate your “My Fit” profile in CCB (our online church community - which you can login to here). You can also print your results if you'd like to keep a copy (look for the print link at the end of the results page). 

Our continual prayer at Calvary is for God to use us to make disciples of Jesus for the transformation of the world by connecting people to God, one another, and our world through worship, wisdom, and works. Discovering your gifts is a part of this journey we're on together. We hope you'll take this next step with us.