Small Groups Beginning

Do you feel disconnected? Isolated? Crazy busy? Spiritually and emotionally exhausted? Small groups help you connect with one another, grow in your faith, reach out to others, and find spiritual, emotional, and even physical support. A small group meets weekly or twice monthly to build community among three things: Bible study, prayer, and caring for/about one another and others outside of the group. In May, these groups will be offered the opportunity to discontinue, re-group, or stay together for another year. We want to do all that we can on our end to take away any obstacles to being involved in these groups that can bring balance to our lives. If you fill out the following interest form so that we know how to include you, we promise that you'll hear back from Debbie with further information. Just go to:  A small group kick-off will be held on Sunday, September 24 at 6:00.