Strategic Leadership Team

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We have received more than 400 completed surveys, designed to help us develop a profile of Calvary United Methodist Church. Thank you! More than 250 of those surveys have included written comments. As we continue to process survey responses and carefully analyze the written comments, we are planning our next steps. Specifically, we want to meet with the pastors, the Managing Directors Team, and then laypersons in small groups, some already established small groups, and some open-invite Fireside Chats. With each of these groups, we will pose basic questions about the current health of Calvary and visions our church family has about the church's future. We encourage you to participate in one or more of these opportunities. We want and need your input. We also ask for your prayers and your patience. This process cannot be rushed. We want it to be right, so patience - ours and yours - is graciously requested. 

Jeremy BaierJim Hayek , Lloyd HulitHeather PlattnerDawn SannerStacey Tetzloff