Update from the Strategic Leadership Team

SLT Updates (1).jpg

We have collected survey results from 422 members of the Calvary family, including about 22 pages of written comments. We will continue to analyze the results of the survey as part of the process of eventually developing 5-7 strategic goals. To date, we have identified in the survey results what might be called the Triple C Themes - Communications, Connections, and Community. As we move forward, we will shape these themes into goals, but we will also identify other themes, and that leads us directly to the next phase of our work: focus groups. From early August through mid-September, the SLT will be hosting three general focus groups, open to all members of our church family, as well as focus groups for your young adults and our junior high and senior high youth. We believe we still have much to learn from our Calvary family about who Calvary is and how we want to chart our future. The responses we get from the focus groups will help us shape and add depth to the Triple C Themes, as well as identify additional themes that, taken together, will guide us to our strategic goals.