Safety Team Update

Safety Team.jpg

You heard earlier this year about the formation of a Safety Team. It has met bi-weekly most of the year and has been in close partnership with the Church Council and the Trustees. The primary focus for the Team is the safety of our children and the adults at Calvary Church. Here’s what has happened and what is happening:

  1. Reviewed and reviewing tornado, fire, emergency plan
  2. New/replenished first aid kits
  3. KidVenture rooms now locked during class time (preschool classes already using this practice)
  4. Presence of safety team members at worship, VBS, etc. Looking to be present at Wednesday evening programming.
  5. The Safety Team proposed and its been approved by the Church Council and the -Trustees for safety cameras to be mounted both inside and outside the building.  Someone will monitor those for needs that might arise Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings.  This will happen sometime the middle of September. 
  6. Pursuing with the intent to install door access management devices at major points of entry.  Policy and practices are still being worked out.  Most churches of our size already have this practice in place.

Safety Team members: co-chairs Jeff Caughron and David Fritts; Mike Brown, Eric Croft, John Croft, Danel Harr, Matt Harr, Keith Jenkins, Larry Oleson, Dawn Sanner, Dale Herring and Pastor Randy