arrival and departure

Children must be accompanied into the Preschool by a responsible adult. Each child needs to be signed in and out daily in the attendance notebook. The attendance log notebook is on the table outside the Preschool classroom door. It is important the attendance notebook be accurate every class session in case of emergency. Please be sure a teacher knows when your child arrives and leaves to ensure they receive a warm welcome and goodbye. Children will only be released to authorized persons. Alternate pick-up persons will need to show a photo ID.

class parties

Throughout the school year some special holidays will be celebrated with a class party. Parent volunteers are requested to help. Each child will have the opportunity to bring a birthday snack to share with their classmates.


Children who are sick need to remain at home. If you are unsure contact the preschool or ask your child's teacher.

discipline policy

Our teachers are consistent with the classroom rules so children know what is expected from them. Discipline will be loving but firm and developmentally appropriate for the child's action. The teacher will first state what is expected and redirect the child to a different activity. If the teacher feels it is the best interest of the child or the other children in the room, the child will be asked to sit in a time out chair. The chair will be in sight of the teacher at all times. The time for removal will never be more than one minute for each age of the child. Any form of corporal punishment, abusive language, ridicule, harsh or humiliating treatment is against the preschool philosophy.


The preschool has an open door policy and is open to visitors daily. You are encouraged to visit and observe our classes. If you choose to bring your children with you please limit your visit to ten/fifteen minutes. The staff on duty must give their full attention to the currently enrolled children. Parents are responsible for the children they bring with them. Please call the school (309-452-4560) to arrange a visit with Val Funk, the preschool director.