Lay Leaders

Church Council
Chair: Jon Butler (2020)            
Secretary: Barb Bills (2018)            
Lay Leader: Joe Landon (2020)            
Mark O'Flaherty (Finance)            
Amy Davis (outreach)            
Jill Jones, Jon Butler, Jeremy Baier (Lay Members to Annual Conference)            
Jim Hayek (Stewardship)            
David Bollivar (Trustees  Chairperson)            
Kristen Anderson and Dale Herring (SPRC)            
Diana Brown (Lay Leadership Vice Chairperson)            
Alice Staley (UMW)            
**Rev. Debbie Reese, **Rev. Randy Reese (Pastors)            
**Dr. Isaac Gaff, **Lori Short, **Ray Slaubaugh (Staff Managing Directors) 

Lay Members of Annual Conference
Jon Butler (2020)
Jeremy Baier (2020)
Jill Jones (2020)

Committee on Nominations and Leadership Development
Chair of Nominations and Leadership Development: Rev. Debbie Reese    
Lay Leader: Joe Landon    
Vice Chair: Diana Brown    
(2018) Amy Brown, Ryan Short, Nathan Schumacher    
(2019) Diana Brown, Ellie Dew, Tracy Vincent    
(2020) Joe Perring, Tina Carby, Ralph Smith                                    

Staff Parish Relations Committee
Co-Chairs: Kristin Anderson, Darin Gully        
(2018) Darin Gully, Kristin Anderson, Lynn Oleson        
(2019) Matt Harr, Amy Moser        
(2020) Grethe Armstrong, Dale Herring, Judie Bennett

Finance Committee
Chair: Mark O'Flaherty    
(2018) Larry Smith, Dan Franz, Beth Porter    
(2019) Mark O’Flaherty, Jim Brown    
(2020)  Cathe Carter, John Croft, Linda Canfield    
*Debbie and Randy Reese (Pastors)    
*Ray Slaubaugh (Director of Operations)    
*Jon Butler (Chairperson of Church Council)    
*Kassie Willoughby (Accountant)    
*Kevin Hoss (Treasurer)    
*Kristin Anderson or Dale Herring (or other representative of SPRC)    
*Joe Landon (Lay Leader)    
*David Bollivar (Chairperson of Trustees)    
*Member of Finance by Virtue of Office

Strategic Leadership Team
(2018) Dawn Sanner, Joe Landon
(2019) Jeremy Baier, Heather Plattner
(2020) Lloyd Hulit, Stacy Tetzloff
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Stewardship Committee
(2018) Nick Christopulos
(2020) Amy Pitzer, Matt Swingler

Board of Trustees
Chair: David Bollivar        
(2018) Steve Paullin, Tom Burns, David Bollivar        
(2019) Ted Coussens; Gary Dickson; Bill Landstrom        
(2020)  Larry Phillips, Susan Hoss, Rebecca Craig, Sandy Whiteley                                

Chair: Amy Davis    
(2018) Amy Davis    
(2019) Abraham Zuniga, Debbie Vick, Rob Wall    
(2020) Ron Kennedy, Peggy Kennedy, Jim Jones    

Memorial Committee
Chairs: (2018) George Bottrell, Jackie Bottrell
(2018) Nancy Zeine
(2019) Libby Burns, Betty Dorsey                                        

United Methodist Women
President: Alice Staley       

Preschool Board
Chair: Angie Bicknell        
Treasurer: Marcy Dienslake        
(2018) Beth North, Angie Bicknell,        
(2019) Sandy Dickson        
(2020)  Brooke Frantz, Melanie Moody, Megan Lieb, Penny Brown
*Val Funk
*Ex Officio