The church at Worship is the formative center of our life of faith. We engage this center by our presence, our participation, and our invitational partnership in worship together.


Part of the formative nature of worship is its regular rhythm in our lives. At Calvary, we encourage growing disciples of Jesus to attend worship regularly in order to establish a rhythm of faith formation in their lives. Our goal together is to be present in worship three out of every four Sundays.


One of the Greek (the original language of the New Testament) words for worship is leitorgia – which is most plainly translated as "the work of the people." Worship is not something that pastors, musicians, and worship leaders do, it's something the entire church does together. Growing disciples at Calvary are people who participate deeply in the worship life of the church through listening, speaking, praying, singing, offering, reaching, learning, and growing.  

the one who sings a song to God in worship prays twice
— augustine

Invitational Partnership

Worship is the place where the central story of God is enfolded every week. It's a great place to explore what a deepening faith in Christ can look and feel like. At Calvary, growing disciples look for opportunities to welcome and invite those outside our worship service to explore and connect with us in worship.