Who Is My Neighbor (Sarah E. Raymond School of Early Education)

In the spirit of giving and service, the Calvary Senior High youth and their leaders made a significant impact on the students and families at Sarah E. Raymond School of Early Education. Sarah E. Raymond School services at-risk and special needs children ranging from 3-5 years of age in Bloomington District 87.  

On Wednesday, December 14th, the Sr. High youth and their leaders took on two major projects at Sarah E. Raymond. First, the group wrapped 150 Christmas presents that will be opened by the children on “Santa Day” at the school. The gifts were provided by the Salvation Army’s Toys for Tots program, and varied from baby dolls to farm sets. The youth group had fun wrapping the toys, as well as keeping an inventory to assure that there would be enough boy and girl toys for each child at the school.  

In addition to wrapping presents, the youth group prepared about 100 food bags. The bags will be sent home with the students on their busses to provide nutritious snacks for the preschoolers and their families to have after school hours. Sarah E. Raymond is a member of the Midwest Food Bank’s “Backpack Program.” This amazing program provides food each month for schools throughout McLean County and beyond. Food items vary month to month, but usually include items such as pasta, fruit, and cereal. Good nutrition is critical to good health and success at school, and the Backpack Program has made a significant difference for the students and their families. Sarah E. Raymond School of Early Education was very grateful to have the many hands of our youth group to sort, tear apart/recycle food boxes, and fill bags for their students! 

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About the Author

Danel J. Behrends Harr is the Principal at Sarah E. Raymond School of Early Education and a member of Calvary UMC.