Who Is My Neighbor? (Food Packaging)


We take food for granted.  Rather than wondering if we will eat today, we choose from the many different options in our home or the plethora of restaurant choices we have in town.  So the people of Calvary are quick to take advantage of opportunities to help feed others and we had one such opportunity at November’s First Wednesday.

Illini Fighting Hunger, a ministry of the Wesley Foundation at the University of Illinois, provides the products that organizations can use to package meals for families wherever they may be needed.  This year, over 100 Calvary folks gathered in the gym to package meals which will be given to flood victims throughout the South.  A nutritious and delicious rice dish was packaged by a minimum of 7 people at each assembly table…..children, youth, and adults all working together.  We completed 2,955 packets, which will provide 17,730 meals for those who are putting their lives back together after the hurricanes earlier this fall.

As you can see in the pictures, it was such a joy to work together as ‘families’ not related by family, but by Jesus Christ.  Isn’t that what the church is all about?  If you’re interested in serving beside brothers and sisters in Christ in this church and/or others, there are plenty of opportunities and certainly plenty of need.  Just check out our website at www.connectwithcalvary.org and look for ways to serve under ‘Works’.  

Our neighbors are hungry.  Thank you for feeding them…one meal at a time.