Lent 2017 - Apostles

From among the crowds following Jesus, he appoints twelve from disciples (followers) to also be apostles (messengers). They have already left behind their homes and lives to follow him, and now he specifically calls them to three things: to be with him, to preach, and to drive out demons. While some of these men receive more focus throughout the New Testament, others are hardly mentioned again. The dignity of being a follower and messenger of God does not guarantee recognition or honor. 

  1. Read Mark 3:7–19.
  2. Ask God for the faith to follow the specific calling he has given you.
  3. Imagine yourself on the mountain with Jesus and the twelve. Go through the twelve names and consider each as a an individual person. They come from a humble way of life and yet are kindly called to the highest dignity—to be messengers of God. Think about the gifts and graces they were given, not by their upbringing or education, but by their encounter with Jesus.
  4. Remember that this is not their first or final call. Jesus repeatedly pushes and pulls them along the way when they get distracted, discouraged, and confused. Reflect on Jesus’ patience and trust in these twelve imperfect men to be his messengers.
  5. Stand with the apostles and ask Jesus about your purpose. Hear him call you by name and appoint you to a mission. How has Jesus created and called you to enjoy life with him, seeking and serving his Kingdom? Don’t think about past accomplishments or failures. Simply ask what he wants for you.

About the Author
Nick Chambers is the Director of Spiritual Formation at Calvary UMC