Lent 2017 - The Family

At this point, Jesus’ family thinks he had gone crazy. They come to confront him at home and try to get him under control. When they arrive, however, Jesus is inside surrounded by people. Rather than enter the place, they summon him outside to them. Because of their familiarity with Jesus, they expect him to meet them on their terms, away from the uncomfortable company of others (especially all these sinners).

  1. Read Mark 3:31–35.
  2. Ask God to replace your heart of presumption with a heart of obedience.
  3. Place yourself in the middle of this crowded room. The air is stuffy and loud, and you are surrounded by all kinds of people you might not usually associate with. Hear as Jesus responds to his family’s summons.
  4. Reflect on Jesus’ dismissal of his family and his insistence on obedience. How does it challenge you?
  5. Talk with Jesus—not outside on your own terms, but in this crowded room. Though he enjoyed perfect peace with the Father in heaven, he stooped to surround himself with the chaos of the crowd. Ask yourself these questions: 
    - What have I done for Christ?
    - What am I doing for Christ?
    - What should I do for Christ?

About the Author
Nick Chambers is the Director of Spiritual Formation at Calvary UMC