Love Your Neighbor (John 20:19-30)

We sing a song in our 10:30 service called “Brother.” The song reminds us that “when I look into the face of my enemy, I see my brother.” The middle of the song contains a bridge that is an unlikely exploration of our text this week (John 20:19-30) as well as next week's (Matthew 18:21-35):

Forgiveness is the garment or our courage
The power to make the peace we long to know
Open up our eyes to see the wounds that bind all of humankind
May our shutter hearts greet the dawn of life with charity and love

The associations between this song and our text for the week are subtle and not heavy handed, but that makes them no less impactful. Listen to both John 20:19-30 and Brother and see if they don’t begin to form an intertwined dance of love for neighbor.

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About the Author
Isaac Gaff is the Managing Director of Worship and Creative Arts at Calvary UMC