Who Is My Neighbor (Haiti Part 1)

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Calvary recently sent a mission team to Haiti which consisted of 5 Calvary folks, a friend who now lives in Chicago, and our Haitian friend, Junior Cineas who lives in Port Au Prince (the other side of Haiti from where the mission team works).  I asked each of the participants to write a paragraph about how they saw God at work in Haiti.  This is part 1 of these stories.  See next week’s ‘Who Is My Neighbor’ for Part 2.

From Bob Bills:

Of the numerous areas where I the Holy Spirit’s presence, three stand out to me.  The team had the opportunity to conduct a Bible study with the staff at Streethearts (www.streetheartshaiti.org).  While the kids were at school, the staff of 6-8 gathered outside and we began to study John 5.  We read the chapter, dividing the verses into 3 sections, and answered a series of questions after each section.  Their participation was outstanding, and you could see and feel the passion they have for Jesus Christ by their answers.  Each person was eager to dive into God’s word.  Our lesson lasted for more than an hour.
The second area I saw and felt the presence of God at work occurred at our church service in Fev.  Pastor Walnique and Junior provided the message with many hymns being sung.  One of the hymns prompted a little dance.  I noticed an older lady, perhaps in her late 70’s, dancing outside our covered area and, at one point, she held up both arms as high as she could, her head looking up, and it was as if she was touching the fingers of God.  Surely the peace of Christ was with her.  There is no doubt that church every Sunday, worshipping the Lord, was very special to her and all of the others.
The third area I saw God at work was in our Calvary team.  Each team member poured their heart and soul into sharing the love of Jesus Christ wherever we went, and we were able to feel God’s richest blessings.  Humbled to be a part!

From Austin Smith:

This is my 6th short term trip to Haiti, along with living there for 6 months. God has moved and worked in mysterious ways every year. My faith takes steps forward every year. During this time I have gained perspective into the lives and culture of the Haitian people.  One cannot go to Haiti once and gain an understanding of the culture and community of the Haitian people, and this is what has kept me intrigued into learning the language and building relationships.
Just when you think you understand how to operate and navigate reality sets in and puts you right back in your place.  The rugged, rough and ruthless nature of this country is the most beautiful thing about it. I already cannot wait to return and see my family in Haiti next year.

From Junior Cineas:

Based on the question that pastor Debbie asked, "Where do I see God is moving during this trip is in the life of the group?” Comparatively to all the other trips before, I feel more satisfied with everything that the group did this time. I could clearly see that God is working in the life of our team. This time, the team really focus on God.

From Abraham Zuniga Alzamora:

This is my third time going to Haiti and every time I go I am blessed.  I love the children….they are so happy and curious.  They remind me of myself and though I am an adult in size I am still a child at heart.  One doesn't needt o study a career in social work to understand them, because they transmit what they feel and think through their eyes.  It’s all about sitting down on the dirty floor and just loving on these kids.  I tickle and they tickle back.  I say something and they repeat the same thing back to me.  I spend time hugging them and just playing with them and they do the same thing.  My heart resides where there is an innocent little smile.

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