Love Your Neighbor (Jonah 4:1-11)

The ending of the Book of Jonah reminds us that we are creatures who are defined by both doing and being. Even though Jonah did the right thing (delivering God’s message to the Ninevites), he refused to let the right thing remake and refashion his soul in the process. Throughout the history of God’s people (both Israel and the Church), we have tinkered with trying to divide actions and beliefs, head and heart, doing and being. Christian history is a see-saw battle to elevate one over the other. But Jesus encourages us to hold onto all of them with both hands and pull ourselves toward the life of God - a life that is fully action, fully belief, fully head, fully heart, fully doing, and fully being. All of them work together; all of them are connected, all of them at rest with each other. When we wrap our arms around this kind of wide embrace, we’re able to complete what Jonah did not. Our obedience opens up a chance for our souls to share God’s excitement when those who are lost return home. As you pray for your neighbors today, ask God to begin to move both your hands and heart toward love of neighbor.

About the Author
Isaac Gaff is the Managing Director of Worship and Creative Arts at Calvary UMC