Who Is My Neighbor (Workcamp 2017 Part 2)

This week we bring you part 2 of “Who Is My Neighbor” from the Senior High Workcamp participants who went to Crossville, TN this year to share the love of Christ.  Here are more testimonies from the youth.

“This week the songs during program spoke to me in a different way. Also, the people I met showed me that I need to work harder to be a strong Christian.” - Spencer Hopt

“I really enjoyed meeting lots of new people. I feel like Christ really moved through the people and everybody on my crew was very social. I have always felt a little disconnected, but now I finally feel like I am connected :) I was really blessed with a great crew and workcamp.”

“I saw God this week in my neighbor. She went through a lot in only the one week we were there but her faith was steadfast.  However, when I truly saw the light of Christ, we were going around the circle talking about each other. I really needed to hear what she said to me and it really touched me. Her faith and her words really inspired me and were exactly what I needed this week.”

“I experienced God’s presence in our evening programs and our Calvary devos. When we would worship God with songs I could relate to a lot of lyrics and I felt as if the Lord was speaking to me and comforting me. At one of the programs we had a candle and we would light it for a prayer to symbolize God has been through the same thing and He will be with us through it all. That touched me because I realized that our God has lived out a tough life on earth and He can relate to us. He knows how tough things can be and He will never leave us alone in these situations. I also saw God in my neighbor because she and her nurse were always so kind to my crew and at the end of the week she would participate in devos and she shared what she had learned about God in her life, which was amazing.” - Tasha Schuckman

“I saw the light when all the hard work felt like no big deal because we were doing it for a good cause and we had a big support system for us. Everyone was so welcoming and accepting all week.”

“I could see the light of Christ through my neighbor. She was the sweetest person and her love for her family, us and God was so strong. She showed me how to love like God.” - Maddie Zook