Who Is My Neighbor? (Workcamp 2017 Part 1)

Our Senior High Youth recently experienced their annual Workcamp, this year going to Crossville, Tennessee.  Because this is always a powerful time for our youth, we wanted you to get it first hand from the youth.  Here is what some of them wrote about their experience at Workcamp as they reached out to those in Crossville.  You’ll want to know that as they talk about their ‘neighbors’ they are referring to the residents of the homes on which they worked.  Some of these are signed and some are anonymous.

“I saw the light of Christ this week in my neighbors. At the beginning of the week, they were sort of quiet and they just let us work without really talking to us. During the week, they started to open up to us and started to tell us about their lives, the house, etc. On Thursday especially we talked for over an hour and I feel like they all saw Christ through us which felt amazing.”

Lexi Showalter   “Michael encouraged me to be very honest/personal during the devotionals. I helped lead, and I was very nervous about doing so. But once I had shared, quite a few people came up to me or wrote in a care card to me that they appreciated me speaking out. There seemed to be a lot of people feeling how I felt, understood what I was talking about, or they just thanked me for bringing the matter to light. (pun intended being that the workcamp theme was light it up). PS, I don’t have a spiritual high this year, but instead a goal. For my last year,  I’m going to make a difference at Calvary. I’m going to be the servant leader who goes out and includes EVERYONE!”

“I saw the light of Christ in many ways this week. The passion and enthusiasm and uplifting spirit of everyone. The love of my crew and leaders and how they loved our neighbor. I also saw the light of Christ in the program and especially the worship songs. The light of Christ was also shown in the ways we were providing and the impact seen from my neighbor Charlie.”

Sydney Beggs  “I saw the light of Christ in my neighbor this week. From the very first day she welcomed our crew with open arms and showed us real southern hospitality. She was constantly telling us how grateful she was to us and even bought us all lunch one day to show her gratitude. She also inspired me with her never-ending faith. She had gone through so many trials in her 88 years of life, yet she still trusted in God and his plan for her. Overall her love and her faith in God shined a bright light in my life and for that I am forever grateful to her.”

To be continued in next week’s Who Is My Neighbor?

About the Author
Debbie Reese is the Co-Directing Pastor of Calvary UMC