Fun & Fellowship Group

Description Fun & Fellowship is designed to be of interest to members/guests of Calvary who are age 50+.  We gather for a meal and wide-ranging programs that are of interest to people in this age range.

Dates and Time Sunday from 4:30 to 6:30pm on September 9, October 14 and November 11.

Childcare Provided No

Time Commitments Outside of the Meeting None

Leader Charlotte Talkington are long time members of Calvary and have been active in a number of committees, events, projects, and groups.

A Word from the Leaders “Fun & Fellowship is designed to give attendees the opportunity to meet other church members/guests in an informal setting.  Relationships that form promote Christian fellowship and support within the group.” 

Sign up for each monthly meeting as you are able. Watch the Calvary News or stop by a Kiosk on Sunday several weeks ahead for information on each meeting.