Leader Updates - October 7, 2018

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Larry Gamblin - Director of Building & Grounds

If you were at or by the church last week, you saw the big lift that was in the front of the building, in fact in the circle drive most of the week. 

Leaks at the main entrance of our building have been a problem for many years. Union Roofing was hired in the summer of 2018 to assess the steeple tower and look for the cause of these leaks. Water was found to be entering the building after running down the steel steeple frame. Thus, water soaked the carpet around the columns, especially the ones at the front of the building. There are aluminum drain pans at the base of the tower. These pans are suspended about 50’ from the ground, necessitating a 100 foot lift in order to reach the back side of the tower. The old sealant was removed and new black sealant was applied at the joints. When we had rain around September 1st, it became apparent that there was still a leak around the bottom of the column beam. After the Dryvit (finish on the exterior of the columns) was repaired on September 27th, the lift was available and Union Roofing returned on September 28th to search for the remaining leak. With water from a hose, this leak was located where a brace had been welded to one of the columns. A small hole from the welding process allowed water to come in. Now that the leak source has been determined and repaired, we will be able to repair the damaged drywall in the main entrance of the building.