Leader Updates - September 2, 2018

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Debbie Reese

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I want to share with you that my relationship with Calvary is going to change…..I’ll be around, but just not as often.  For the reasons I’ll state below, I have chosen to retire as of September 30, 2018.

The multiple health problems I’ve experienced over the past couple of years have left me with a much lower energy reserve than before.  While I continue to give Calvary 110%, it now takes more out of me than before.  Calvary is an awesome, active church that requires long hours and high energy.  I realize that my heart and soul are lively, but my body seems not to be able to keep up.  In fact, I have just scheduled a shoulder replacement surgery after my doctor told me that was the only viable option for me at this time. 

In addition, my mother-in-law lives with Randy’s brother, David, in Greenfield, Illinois. She is 95 years old and is home alone while David works as a carpenter in that area of the state.  She has recently suffered what we believe to be a TIA (transient ischemic attack) leaving her confused about where she is living (she lives in the home she and her husband built over 50 years ago).

While praying about next steps, both Randy and I felt that God was leading us to care for Mom in our home for the remainder of her days.  Since she has many ‘female’ needs, I suggested that it should be me who cares for her.

Randy and I have prayed long and hard about this decision and God has shown us ways in which we can make all of this happen.  Be assured that we are working with the Staff Parish Relations Committee to assure that my retirement will not create any lapses in ministry…..and that may mean that God will call some of you to take on ministries in a new way.  Whatever happens, God is still on the throne.

While I will not be at the church as often as before, I will be giving 100% of my heart.  Maybe I will even serve alongside of you as a volunteer sometime!

Thank you for understanding our choice for this next chapter in our lives.

In Christ,
Debbie Reese