Leader Update - April 28, 2019

Leader Update 2019-04-28.jpg

I said in the pre and post conference information sessions that I would keep you abreast of information as it becomes available such as it relates the the Special Called Session of the General Conference in 2019. This week the Judicial Council met following the General Conference session.

Here’s a link that describes the work of the Judicial Council as well as the docket of this week’s meeting (what’s on its agenda). I thought they met through April 25th, which would have allowed a chance to report through the Leadership Update, e-newsletter, etc. but I was wrong. They met April 26th as well as so we’ll not know anything about decisions until later that day or Saturday.

What we do have are the questions you asked during the post conference information sessions, and our best attempt to answer those questions. Here’s a link for you to follow and digest those if you so desire. We will have some printed copies available Sunday at the Connections Desk as well. Just see Angie or Amanda.

The conversation is continuing across the globe and across the jurisdictions in the United States. Again, if I know something for certain, I will share that information. At the moment, there are numerous expressions across the board but no clear direction has been set for the 2020 General Conference.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Randy