Leader Update - October 6, 2019

Leader Update 2019-10-02.png

I was at the surgeon’s last week. He said my right eye (the one I just had surgery on) is draining and more time is needed to assess the progress. With my left eye, it was a good-news/not-good-news moment. The blood has drained from that eye (good news) but there is a film that has formed and if that film doesn’t clear, it will need to be removed – probably by laser.  So…some moments I can see pretty well out of my right eye and then it goes away. I can see pretty well out of my left eye, but it is not as clear as it once was. There are moments when both eyes see well, but other moments when either eye (often the right one) returns to a cloudy and foggy state without any noticeable triggering event.

I’ve been in conversation with the Managing Directors, with Isaac Gaff, Managing Director of Worship and Creative Arts, and with Dale Herring, chair of SPRC. We have a plan for a preaching schedule for the next several months. Because of the difficulty involved in looking at a computer screen and reading; Michael Pitzer, Ray Owens, Lori Bultemier, and Isaac Gaff are participating in a preaching rotation with me. They are helping with the Prayers in the Bible series in October. I’ll preach a couple of times in November, and then they again will help with the Prayers of Advent series in December. The plan is for me to preach the Sunday before Christmas, the five Christmas Eve services and the last Sunday in December.  

I’m deeply grateful for those who are watching out for and helping me. We are blessed at Calvary with so many gifted, talented, and committed people, including those who can hear God’s voice and bring the church His word for a Sunday morning.

If you have any questions, email me and I’ll do my best to answer them.


Pastor Randy