Leader Update - August 18, 2019

Leader Update 2019-08-18.png

With the news of Pastor Randy deciding to retire at the end of this year, I know that many may have questions of what will happen next or who will replace him. The Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC) has begun the task of working with our District Superintendent, Rev. Jim Barnett in the appointment process. We have completed a lengthy profile and our needs going forward on Calvary UMC for the District Superintendent, Bishop’s Cabinet, and Bishop and others to consider. In addition, last week SPRC held a meeting with our District Superintendent and we were also joined by our Bishop, Frank Beard. We were very grateful both could join our meeting.  It is pretty unusual for a Bishop to join in on these types of meetings with local SPRCs, however since we are one of the larger churches in the conference, his presence implied the importance of finding the right replacement for Calvary UMC.

This appointment process will continue over the next several months. I would ask everyone for your prayers for guidance and discernment for all involved in this process as we move forward. SPRC will keep you posted as new developments come up.

Dale Herring

Chair, Staff Parish Relations Committee