Sunday 2016-12-18

Order of Worship for 7:45, 9:00, & 10:30

God Moved IN!

John 1:14-17

14The Word became flesh and blood,and moved into the neighborhood.We saw the glory with our own eyes,the one-of-a-kind glory,like Father, like Son,Generous inside and out,true from start to finish.15John pointed him out and called, “This is the One! The One I told you was coming after me but in fact was ahead of me. He has always been ahead of me, has always had the first word.”16-18We all live off his generous bounty,gift after gift after gift.We got the basics from Moses,and then this exuberant giving and receiving,This endless knowing and understanding—all this came through Jesus, the Messiah.No one has ever seen God,not so much as a glimpse.This one-of-a-kind God-Expression,who exists at the very heart of the Father,has made him plain as day.

“The Word became flesh and blood and moved into the neighborhood!”

  • What would your neighborhood do if Jesus….in human form…..moved in?  What would change?  What would remain the same?

The expectation for the Israelites was that God would send someone like Moses; or like David; or like Elijah.

  •  What are your expectations for the Messiah?
  •  How have your expectations been met, disappointed, or exceeded?

Do you prefer to live in a neighborhood of darkness or one of light?  How are you willing to let the Light transform your lifestyle?  How are you willing to allow the Light to fill you with joy?  How are you willing to share that joy with others?


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Today's Preacher

Debbie Reese is the Co-Directing Pastor of Calvary UMC.